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Credit Rating Advisory

Shanpro Advisors work as a bridge between the Corporates seeking rating and the credit rating agencies both domestic and international. Resurgent team’s experience can bring in immense value by getting the desired rating upgrades or saving them from downgrades by fine tuning the strategy. In-depth understanding of rating and key factors impacting the credit rating facilitates more efficient business decisions. The team has deep understanding of the credit issues and Credit Rating Triggers

Credit Rating Process

Understanding Rating Requirement

The assignment is started by understanding the credit rating requirement and expected outcomes. The financials, project details and other required details are shared by the company for doing primary analysis of the data.

Quantitative Analysis

We analyse historical financial statements and forecast financial statements/credit ratios adjusted for agency methodologies, stresses and/or business plan scenarios, as appropriate. Findings are shared with Management highlighting any critical issues or areas of ambiguity suggesting scope of improvements.

Management Discussion

We share the valuable insights with clients suggesting areas of improvement. The management is also prepared for rating agency interviews by providing draft questions with key messages to highlight credit strengths and address weaknesses, supplemented by mock interviews if required.

Selection of Rating Agency

We keep complete track record of sector outlook of various rating agencies and rating done in the past in the particular sector by rating agencies. It helps us select ideal rating agency for the particular company.

Preparation of agency submissions

We assist in the preparation of the supplementary material to provide to rating agency enabling them taking fair view on credit worthiness of the company.

Coordination with Rating Agency

We provide hand-holding while presenting and discussing your case against the opted rating agency. In-fact we work as partner to our clients for providing all required information to rating agency.

Monitoring and Road Ahead

Most of the time rating is not a onetime process and it’s reviewed and revisited periodically. We help our clients in building long term strategies to maintain and improve their creditworthiness.

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