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Draft your Legal Notice online with help of experienced advocates in India through the Shanpro. Send Legal notice or Reply to Legal Notice.

What Should You Do After Receiving A Legal Notice? - Replying to Legal Notice

Reading the notice carefully: It is important to read the legal notice properly in order to understand the issue and the concerns raised by the other party. After going through the notice thoroughly, if the receiver feels like the concerns raised in the notice can be resolved amicably then a conversation should be initiated immediately.

Contacting a Lawyer: If the contents mentioned in the notice is not clear, then one must contact a profound lawyer who can take further legal action regarding the matter. Also, one must keep a record of the time of receiving the notice which will be advantageous even if the opposite party takes the matter to the court.

Briefing the lawyer: This is the most important step to follow. You must escalate the entire matter to your appointed lawyer, providing him with all the requisite information about the facts, place, time and events related to the issue etc. which will help your Lawyer to draft a proper reply presenting your side of the argument.

Sending the reply: Once the reply notice is drafted by your Lawyer on your behalf, it is sent through registered post or courier. A copy of the reply is also kept by your lawyer for future reference.

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Online/Phone Legal Advice V/S
In-Person Consultation

Saves your transportation cost, saves time, provide urgent solutions also convenient for busy clients, privacy maintained while discussing over phone and emails.

Less Running

This entire process is very fuzz-free one can gain advice over a short period without worrying about it much.

Appropriate Advice

Our team of counsel has sound knowledge and would guide you according to your requirement.

Maintaining Confidentiality

We maintain an end to end privacy concerning any of our clients and provide undisclosed service.

No hidden charges

If the death of an employee happens in the workplace, the dependents of that employee will obtain 90% of the salary every month. It is applicable in case of disability as well.


Legal Notice is a formal form of lawful communication directed to a person or an entity, notifying about any specific legal proceeding against them. A Legal Notice disseminates the information ensuring the receiving party is aware of the same and cannot express unawareness in the future at any Court-related instances.

Yes your identity would be kept confidential while asking any question. Lawyers who answer your query may contact you to discuss your query in detail.

A Legal Notice contains lawful credentials and is needed to be written down in a proper manner. Thus, a Legal Notice should be filed by an experienced advocate or legal personnel.

The whole process is online. So, a person needn’t go anywhere to register it. You are required to send in your documents via email and fill up our questionnaire to get it done.

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