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Wealth Management

The Plutus portfolio is designed to achieve optimal return at every level risk - from risk averse to excessive risk - depending on your risk appetite. That is why at Plutus we have created portfolios through diversification and with the help of automated trigger-based rebalancing, you can be sure that your investments have an opportunity to generate better returns than a typical DIY investors

Impartial advise across all your wealth

See all your investment portfolio at one place. Unlike the traditional investment advisor who is interested only in what you invest with him, we are a new breed of investment managers who want to know you better - as we believe that the better we know you, the better advice we can give - which is why we have created a world class online portfolio tracker to link your outside investments with us.

Link your existing investments to real goals

Each investment should have a plan. But, the truth is that we make most investments without a proper goal. That is why we created a goal based investing tool and advice algorithm to help you create real goals and link existing investment to them Our systems will let you know If you are on track to reach your investment goals like retirement, children's education or their marriage in seconds!

Bespoke Portfolios

Get what "you" want. At Plutus, we oversee 5 different investment portfolios that is constructed basis risk appetites and investment horizon. When you choose to design a portfolio with us, your responses to the Risk and Time Horizon questionnaire helps our metrics to decide the most optimal asset allocation. The portfolios we recommend, therefore, range from the Conservative to Aggressive.

Diversification: Risk & Reward

"Never put all the eggs in one basket" - is an old adage. However, it is also the most basic aspect of investing. We have carefully designed the recommended portfolios by spreading the risk across different asset classes. Your money is invested across various industries, capitalizations, bonds and money market instruments of varying yields and time frames. This helps your portfolio to be more "balanced" and in a better position to deliver expected returns.

Reviews & Updates

"Out of sight is out of mind". Yes, that's true. However, given your hectic schedule and other commitments, you may not always be able to keep a track of what's happening to your investments and what's impacting the economy. At Plutus, our team of highly skilled professionals keeps an eye on your investments and regularly reviews the underlying allocations. We would advise you if we feel it necessary to make changes in order to stay on track with your investment objectives.

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