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Registration for Annual Compliance & Filing

The Companies Act, 2013 of Indian Govt. legally mandates every entity in the country to follow the declarations of the Annual Compliance. For the Private Limited Companies (Pvt. Ltd.), One Person Companies (OPC), or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), Annual Compliance acts as a regular update to the Govt. that the entity is conducting its business under the particular Act.

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Annual Compliance Filing is a regular update to the Govt. proving that the entity is conducting its business in accordance with the Companies Act. 2013. It has a few essentials like:

  • A Board Meeting of the Director(s)
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Appointing an Auditor
  • Annual Registrar of Companies (ROC) filing
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Late filing – Daily penalty of Rs 100 up to maximum Rs 5 Lac
  • Non-filing – In case of non-filing for three financial years at a row will cause the exclusion of Directors.

For filing an Annual Compliance, the required documents are - Directors’ Board Meeting minutes, profit & loss balance sheet, conclusions from Annual General Meeting, Audit report, DSC of the Directors, and incorporation documents (PAN Card, Certificate of Incorporation).

The AGM should be conducted during the business hours of the company and the AGM should be held in the registered office of the entity or in the same jurisdiction area in which the registered office of the entity is located.