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Financial Advisory Services

Shanpro Advisors is one of the top Corporate financial advisory firms in India. Our Focus is primarily on providing Advisory services in the areas of Corporate Finance, Capital structuring, Transaction advisory, M&A, Buy/Sell, Group structuring, Value creation.

For the Government sector clients, we specialize in Transaction Advisory services and financial Appraisals, for Highways, Railways, Power, Urban Development, Renewables, Strategic Sale and Leasing. We also do financial appraisals for capital investments.

For private sector, our specialty lies in Long term Value creation for the stakeholders. WE provide services like due diligence, valuations and advisory support to restructuring under-performing businesses.

What We Can Do For You

M&A Advisory

Every M&A and private equity transaction has to abide by various tax and regulatory requirements, be it while contemplating a strategic acquisition, divestment, corporate restructuring, merger, demerger, business/asset sale, reduction of capital, buyback, balance sheet right sizing, inbound or outbound acquisition, sale of shares or any other form of restructuring. Understanding and devising a strategy can help mitigate transaction risks and costs and also ensure it to be compliant from a regulatory perspective. Our team delivers end to end solution for M&A transaction including Target search, diligence, Valuation, swap ratio/acquisition price, Scheme Formulation, support in legal matters, implementation of scheme, purchase price allocation etc. 

IPO, FPO preparation

IPO refers to the raising of fund initially from the general public by issuing shares through stock exchenge. Through this process, a closely held company gets converted into a public (listed) company.
An Initial Public Offering (IPO Listing) requires well-planned and strategic communications before, during and after the assignment. Our expert team has helped and still helping and supporting companies of all sizes successfully navigate their entry into the equity markets. from the preparation of the DRHP to creation of the investment story. We help in all the compliance required for successful IPO. We advise on all critical aspects of public fund raise including Valuation, timing and road shows.

Sale of Business

When it involves selling a business, a successful strategy requires well-planned divestment process, which includes SWOT analysis, reach out to most suitable investors, impressive deal collateral, negotiation skills and strong legal documentation.
Our top advisory professionals are forward-looking specialists with a broad range of skills, deep industry expertise, and a futuristic perspective, to assist you stay ahead of the problems and avoid loss useful. From helping you understand the potential risks and rewards of a divestiture to supporting you in minimizing value leakage, we assess your situation and support your negotiating position to raised the sales price and execute the affect minimal disruption to the remaining business operations.

Leasing of Assets

Leasing and asset finance products provide a convenient and straightforward source of additional finance to enable procurement of a good range of assets. For non-tax paying companies and public sector bodies there's the extra advantage of the lessor utilizing the capital allowances to supply a lower after tax cost to the lessee.

Transaction Advisory services including Bid Process Management

Transparency and fairness are the fundamental requirements of any competitive Bid Management Process for public institutions. Today apex financial institutions and private organizations, while undertaking transactions in a competitive environment, such as procurement through large EPC contracts, privatization, and asset sell off, etc., prefer to appoint an independent consultant to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability.

Financial Analysis & Planning

We would serve the organisation, the CEO and the CFO's agenda when the finance function is aligned to the business strategy, and provides financial analysis and insight to support corporate decision making. With a global network of professionals, financial management is able to bring the right people, with the right skills, to the right place at the right time to assist helping organisations to become business leaders. 


Aimed at helping to develop finance function's performance and enhance its value to the business, we at Shanpro, best financial advisors in India provide a range of financial advisory services under our 3 service networks - efficient finance operations, effective decision support and finance strategy & transformation.


We draw our strength from our team of leading professionals who have important functional and industry expertise across service lines and are well-equipped to deliver outstanding outcome. Eminence of our people is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients with experienced teams of PSU & Government Sector Senior employees.


Our professional services are driven by quality and commitment to our clients, and responsive excellence service is our primary focus. Close and regular communication with clients is one of our top priorities. We take pride in our ability to provide definite advice to our clients with the shortest turnaround period.


Our team is empanelled with various Government Bodies/Authorities. Advisors consultants to Government of India on various projects. Associates with various industry chambers. Strong relationships with Banks and Financial Institutions.

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