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Welcome to The Shanpro Advisors Your Strategic Partner for Focused Growth and Financial Excellence.


At our Advisory Services, we stand as a beacon of expertise and growth-focused consultancy, steered by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in both financial services and core industry sectors. Our dynamic team comprises dedicated experts, including Merchant Bankers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, and Company Secretaries, all unified in our commitment to excellence.

At our Advisory Services , we pride ourselves on understanding and addressing the unique needs of our clients. Going beyond traditional consultancy, we actively shape strategies to drive success. Our focus is on efficient resource utilization, providing specialized advice on corporate fundraising, and ensuring effective asset coordination.

Choose The Shanpro Advisors for a partnership that extends beyond advice – a dedicated alliance committed to realizing your goals, fostering growth, and achieving financial excellence.


Stage 1

Month 1

Preparation Phase:

Laying the Foundation

Stage 2

Month 1

Corporate & Tax Restructuring:

Streng thening the Structure

Stage 3

Month 1-2

Due Diligence:

Ensuring Transparency

Stage 4

Month 3

Documentation and Drafting:

Crafting the Prospectus

Stage 5

Month 4

Regulatory Approval:

Navigating Compliance

Stage 6

Month 5-6

Marketing and Roadshow:

Building Inves tor Interest

Stage 7

Month 7

Book Building / Fixed Pricing :

Determining the Offer Price

Stage 8

Month 8

Launch,Allotment and Refund:

Allocating S hares

Stage 9

Month 9

Listing on S tock Exchange:

Going Public

Stage 10

Month 9

Post-IPO Investor Relations:

S us taining Market Confidence

Stage 1: Preparation Phase - Laying the Foundation

Market Analysis

  • Industry Trends: In-depth examination of current market dynamics and future projections.

  • Competitor Landscape: Analysis of key players, market share, and competitive positioning.

  • Investor S entiment: Unders tanding market expectations and perceptions to tailor strategies.

Internal Readiness Assessment

  • Financial Health Check: Evaluating financial statements, identifying areas of improvement, and optimizing financial structures.

  • Operational Capacity: Assessing operational efficiency and scalability to meet increased market demands.

  • Leadership and Governance: Ensuring robust governance structures and leadership capabilities.

Key Activities:

At this critical stage, meticulous groundwork sets the stage for a successful IPO journey. Our team conducts a comprehensive market analysis to gauge industry trends, investor sentiment, and potential challenges. Simultaneously, an internal readiness assessment is undertaken to ensure that your Company is equipped for the rigorous IPO process.

  • Comprehens ive M arket Analys is :

  • Indus try Trends Assessment

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Market Size and Growth Potential

  • Investor Sentiment Evaluation:

  • Stakeholder Perception Studies

  • Market Perception Surveys

  • Potential Challenges Identification:

  • Regulatory Landscape Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Internal Readiness Assessment:

  • Operational Capability Analysis

  • Financial Health Check

  • Governance and Compliance Review

  • Strengths and Weaknesses Identification:

  • SWOT Analys is

  • Management Team Evaluation

Stage 2 : Corporate & Tax Restructuring - Strengthening the Structure

As we progress, elevating our approach, we place a paramount emphasis on corporate enhancement, tax planning, and comprehensive legal and regulatory compliance. This pivotal phase entails a meticulous examination of existing legal frameworks and corporate structures, ensuring they not only align with IPO requirements but also contribute to long-term plans crafted in the best interest of the Promoters.

Key Activities:

Corporate S tructuring

  • Estate and Succession Planning with Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV): Guidance on estate and succession planning through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), including Inheritance tax considerations.

  • Long-Term Family Income Ass is tance in creating enduring Planning: income sources for the family over the long term by creation of AOP/BOI considering both capital gain and tax implications.

  • Long-Term Family Income Ass is tance in creating enduring Planning: income sources for the family over the long term by creation of AOP/BOI considering both capital gain and tax implications.

Business Planning

  • Holistic Business Plans and Control Segregation: Formulating comprehensive business plans with a focus on segregating management and control.

  • Asset Segregation and Optimization: Strategic planning and guidance on segregating assets from the operational core of the company

  • Implementation of Family Directives: Assisting in implementing the directives of the family patriarch, through the structure of AOP, BOI or LLP and asset-holding entities to create a lasting legacy for families, ensuring asset preservation and equitable income distribution.

Corporate Governance Enhancements

  • Board S tructure Review: Evaluating and optimizing the composition and structure of the board that aligns seamlessly with the interests and responsibilities of family members.

  • Share Capital Structuring: Consulting on the optimal structuring and allocation of share capital.

  • Enhanced Disclosure Practices: Implementing practices that enhance corporate transparency and disclosure.

  • Stakeholder Communication Developing strategies for S trategies: effective communication with stakeholders.

Stage 3 : Due Diligence - Ensuring Transparency

Financial Due Diligence

  • Conduct a meticulous review of financial records, statements, and performance metrics.

  • Identify and address any financial discrepancies, potential risks, or areas requiring improvement.

  • Provide clarity on the company's historical financial performance and future projections.

Legal Due Diligence

  • Thoroughly examine legal contracts, and agreements to legal risks or pending issues.

  • Ensure compliance with documents, identify any regulatory requirements and industry standards.

  • Mitigate legal risks and uncertainties to enhance investor confidence.

Operational Due Diligence

  • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's operational processes.

  • Identify areas for improvement in terms of cost-effectiveness, productivity, and risk management.

  • Highlight operational strengths to the contribute to the company's overall value proposition.

Key Activities during the Due Diligence Process:

  • Business Plan Review: Thoroughly evaluating the company's business plan and offering insightful inputs for enhancement.

  • Financial and Secretarial Due Diligence Assistance: Providing crucial support in basic financial and secretarial due diligence, ensuring a thorough check before transaction progression.

  • Preliminary Business Plan Crafting: Developing a preliminary business plan based on the company's provided data, establishing a foundational framework for strategic growth.

  • Teasers and Investor Presentations Development: Creating concise and compelling teasers and investor presentations to captivate potential investors and showcase the company's value proposition.

  • S trategic Guidance on Pre-IPO and IPO Transactions: Advis ing on the optimal scale for Pre-IPO and IPO transactions , aligning strategies with the company's growth objectives.

  • Comprehensive Guidance on Key Appointments and Regulatory Compliance: Guiding the company on crucial aspects including key personnel appointments and regulatory compliance.

Stage 4 : Documentation and Drafting -Crafting the Prospectus

Prospectus Preparation

  • Craft a clear and concise document outlining the company's business model, objectives,and financial performance.

  • Include information on key executives, major shareholders, and any strategic partnerships.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for prospectus content.

Regulatory Filings

  • Compile and submit all necessary documents to regulatory bodies, ensuring adherence to timelines.

  • Coordinate with legal and financial advisors to address any regulatory queries or concerns.

  • Facilitate a smooth approval process with regulatory authorities.

Drafting Legal Agreements

  • Prepare and finalize legal agreements related to the IPO, including underwriting agreements and disclosure documents.

  • Ensure clarity and legal compliance in all contractual arrangements.

  • Collaborate to address any legal nuances or concerns in the process.

Stage 5 : Regulatory Approval

In this critical phase, The Shanpro Advisors facilitates the regulatory approval process, ensuring compliance with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines. Rigorous verification of regulatory compliance is undertaken to secure the necessary approvals and greenlight the next steps in the IPO journey.

Board and The Shanpro Advisors Approval Regulatory Compliance Verification Regulatory Approvals

  • Facilitation of board meetings to obtain necessary approvals for the IPO.

  • Ensuring shareholder alignment decision to go public.

  • Execution of requisite resolutions and documentation.

  • Strategically planning and obtaining preapproval can result in significant cost savings down the line. For instance, securing preapproval for requirements anticipated loans and future ensuring proactive financial readiness and minimizes potential expenses.

  • Comprehensive review of corporate governance practices.

  • Confirmation of compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks.

  • Stringent checks to meet S EBI's eligibility criteria for public offerings.

  • Submission of IPO documents to S EBI for regulatory scrutiny.

  • Coordination with regulatory authorities to address queries and provide clarifications.

  • Monitoring and ensuring adherence to SEBI guidelines.


Successful navigation through the regulatory a commitment to regulatory integrity.

Stage 6 : Marketing and Roadshow - Building Investor Interest

At our Advisory Services orchestrates a strategic marketing and roadshow plan to generate investor interest and build momentum for the upcoming IPO. This phase is crucial for showcasing the company's value proposition and attracting potential investors.

Roadshow Planning and Execution

  • Strategizing a roadshow itinerary to target key financial centers and investor hubs.

  • Coordinating logistics for roadshow events, presentations, and meetings.

  • Engaging with institutional investors, analysts, and potential stakeholders.

Investor Presentations

  • Crafting compelling presentations highlighting

  • Coordinating logistics for roadshow events, presentations, and meetings.

  • Engaging with institutional investors, analysts, and potential stakeholders.

Roadshow Planning and Execution

  • Strategizing a roadshow itinerary to target key financial centers and investor hubs.

  • Coordinating logistics for roadshow events, presentations, and meetings.

  • Engaging with institutional investors, analysts, and potential stakeholders.

Key Activities:

  • Strategic Company Positioning: Crafting a distinctive market position for the Company and establishing a strategic identity to differentiate within the market.

  • Development and Finalization of Corporate Strengths (Motes): Creating and solidifying the unique strengths (motes) of the Company. and ensuring a robust foundation for sustained competitive advantage.

  • Identification of Industry Peers: Researching and identifying industry peers for the Company and understanding the competitive landscape for strategic insights and benchmarking.

Stage 7 : Price Discovery - Book Building and Fixed Price Options

Strategic Pricing: Balancing Dynamics and Stability

In this pivotal stage, we employ a strategic approach to pricing, considering both book building and fixed pricing, contingent on the eligibility of the company and strict adherence to SEBI guidelines.

Book Building Process

  • Objective: Gauging investor demand through an open bidding process.

  • Methodology: Collecting bids from institutional and retail investors.

  • Benefits: Facilitates price discovery and ensures optimal allocation of shares.

Fixed Price

  • Eligibility Criteria: For companies meeting specific SEBI criteria

  • Stability: Provides a predetermined price, ensuring stability and simplicity.

Stage8 : Launch , Allotment , and Refund

In this stage, we navigate through the launch of our IPO, the equitable allotment of shares, and the efficient refund process, all aimed at ensuring a positive and transparent experience for our valued investors.

Launch of IPO

  • Momentous Occasion: Marking the commencement of our public offering.

  • Investor Outreach: Showcasing your company to potential investors.

  • Objectives: Generating interest and excitement in the market.

ShareAllotment Process

  • Equitable Allocation: Ensuring fair distribution of shares among investors.

  • Institutional vs. Retail: Tailoring allotments to meet the diverse needs of different investor categories.

  • Allotment Ratio: Balancing demand and availability for optimal allocation.

Refund Process

  • Efficiency: Swift processing of refunds, particularly for undersubscribed shares.

  • Investor Confidence: Building trust through transparent and timely refund mechanisms.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to all regulatory guidelines for refund procedures.


A seamless journey from the launch of our IPO to the equitable allotment of shares and efficient refunds, culminating in a successful listing on the stock exchange. This process reflects our commitment to transparency, fairness, and investor satisfaction.

Stage 9 : Listingon Stock Exchange - Going Public

Welcome to the pivotal stage of our IPO journey – Going Public. This phase marks the transition from private to public ownership, unlocking a new chapter of growth and visibility for your company.

Stock Exchange Formalities

  • Completion of necessary paperwork and formalities with the designated stock exchanges.

  • Coordination with regulatory bodies for seamless integration into the public market.

Trading Commencement

  • Exciting moment! Our shares become available for trading on the stock exchange.

  • Monitoring the initial market response and investor sentiment.


  • Enhance liquidity and market visibility

  • Enhance liquidity and market visibility

  • Capitalize on the opportunities presented by the public market.

Stage 10 : Post - IPO Invest or Relations : Sustaining Market Confidence

As you embark on this journey as a listed entity, recognize the immense potential to unlock substantial value through strategic investor relations.

It's about creating a powerful narrative that not only sustains market confidence but also maximizes shareholder value

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